Are you ready for Max’s Drive-Through for United Way

Kelowna hotelier Maxine DeHart will host her popular drive-through breakfast Thursday morning

Oct. 11, 2017 1:50 p.m.

After six years, founders of TAC Solutions, Mort and Sue Downey have sold their two-way radio sales/service business, related stores and assets to Dave Langerholz, owner of Wi-Com Solutions Inc. Dave was also a former long-time employee of the Downey’s. Mort and Sue will continue in the high-tech industry through their activities with Kelowna based software company, Maxogram and their industry consulting ventures. Formerly, the Downey’s owned and operated long-time, well-known company TAC Mobility for 25 years. Contact Mort at 403-540-0657 or

Source / Full Article: Kelowna Capital News

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