Maxogram in Kelowna

Madison Erhardt – Dec 12, 2017 / 2:20 pm

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Maxogram was on full display Tuesday morning at Summerhill Pyramid Winery.

So what is a Maxogram?

Maxogram is an app that can be downloaded on any smartphone. Once the app is downloaded it can scan a specific items image. It then pulls up a video of the item which describes how to use the product.

“Essentially what a Maxogram does is gives you an easy way to give and get information on demand. The way we do that is using image recognition and tracking technology so that we can give you what you want where you are,” said CEO and Founder Matthew Jensen.

Jensen said he saw a need for the product when he was at Home Depot and a woman wanted assistance on how to assemble a product.

“She asked the gentleman working behind the desk ‘how do I install this?’ and so he spun the box around and directed her to their website address and then told her how to look on line for a specific YouTube video,” Jensen said.

“I thought you could put a Maxogram right on the box or include it with the purchase. In some form you would be giving them that immediate access,” he added.

NOTE: This article also appears in Okanagan Edge:

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